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How long does it take to twin-turbo my vehicle?

We allow 3-4 weeks for Stages 1-2+.

Can I upgrade from Stage 1 in the future?

Yes, our kits are developed to always push forward and allow for future expansion.

Do you offer vehicle collection?

Yes, we can arrange Enclosed & Insured transportation.


Does the rear bumper fit back on?

Yes, we'll return your car exactly how you left it with us, only now being a firebreathing monster.


Will the twin-turbo conversion void my manufacturer warranty?

Any aftermarket modification carried out on any vehicle may void your manufacturer warranty.

Can my stock engine handle the power increases without damaging it?

Yes, The 5.2L V10 is a very solid platform, additionally protected by safety and threshold limits put in place by us. With that being said there is always an element of risk when modifying any vehicle to this extent which is something the owner must realise. Countless hours of research and development and thousands of miles have been put into these packages creating the safest twin-turbo system on the market in the United Kingdom and Europe.

Can this be hidden from my husband/wife?

Our kits are designed to be visually discreet however we hold no responsibility for any potential consequence.

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