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The need to knows

  • This kit comes as a hardware only package.

  • Stock ECU remap or Syvecs / Motec ECU is required.

  • This product is designed for motorsport use only and is not suitable for public highways.

  • We aim to deliver within 4 weeks of order confirmation.

Bolt-on twin-turbo kits

The best-selling twin-turbo kit in the United Kingdom is now available as a bolt-on kit. Whether you're a DIY car enthusiast or you'd prefer to use your trusted tuner, there is no need to bring your car to us for installation, we will ship your turbo kit to you. No high shipping charges or taxes as our kits are designed and built in the United Kingdom.

Rear shot of R8 V10 Twin-turbo bolt-on kit
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R8 V10 Twin-turbo bolt-on kit stock image

V2 Exhaust

Customise your kit

  • NGK Spark plugs

  • Motul engine oil

  • Funk Motorsport turbo heat blankets

  • Stock ECU airflow meter adaptor kit

  • Syvecs / Motec plug and play ECU kit

  • Dual fuel pump upgrade

  • Secondary injector upgrade

  • V2 exhaust kit - Silenced

  • Proram oversized air filter kit

  • Ceramic coating

  • Custom colours


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